Acts Of War

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Acts Of War (Clancy Tom):

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Clancy Tom, Harper Collins, 492 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2010


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A group of terrorists destroy a dam in Turkey, threatening the water supply of their homeland. It`s the first step in a plan: force all-out war in the Middle East. This will draw elite troops out of the capital of Damascus, leaving the Syrian president unprotected- and an easy target for assassination.What the terrorists don`t know is that a new Regional Op-Center is now on-line in Greece. A mobile version of the permanent crisis management facility, the ROC is a cutting-edge surveillance and information media. And its team can see exactly what the Syrian rebels are trying to do. But the terrorists are more resourceful than anyone thinks. They also have ways of obtaining classified information. And the Regional Op-Center -the United States` newest weapon.
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