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Dubliners (Joyce James):

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Joyce James, INFOA, 126 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2012


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Joyce’s first major work, written when he was only twenty-five, brought his city to the world for the first time. In this Reader you will find: Information about James Joyce’s life | Sections focusing on background and context | CLIL History | Glossary of difficult words | Comprehension activities | FCE-style activities | Exit Test Tags Irish Literature An ambitious mother, a boy in love, a lonely older man, a cynical intellectual and a girl who dreams of a life in another country are just a few of Joyce’s Dubliners. In these realistic tales, Joyce reveals the hopes, fears and disappointments of his characters. He also shows us turnof- the-century Dublin in fascinating detail. This selection of eight stories from Dubliners includes Eveline, Araby and a two-part adaptation of Joyce’s novella, The Dead. Syllabus Verbs: tenses with This is the first …, Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous, perfect infinitives, Future Perfect, a wide variety of phrasal verbs, complex passive forms, wish/if only Types of Clause: type-three conditionals, mixed conditionals, relative: embedded, defining Modal Verbs: might, may
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