Lichtenstein Posters

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Lichtenstein Posters (Döring Jürgen):

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Döring Jürgen, Prestel, 152 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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Soubor 68 celobarevných reprodukcí, které Roy Lichtenstein vytvořil v letech 1960 - 1967. Kniha je uměleckým díle sama o sobě - prvotřídní design a zpracování umožní pohlédnout do hlubokých modrých očí melancholické krasavice. Text v angličtině. This collection of sixty-eight full-color reproductions is the first book to focus solely on Roy Lichtenstein`s masterful Pop Art posters dating from 1960 to 1997. Roy Lichtenstein`s art is most recognizable for its trademark Benday dots and two-dimensional planes, cartoon-like qualities that placed him at the forefront of the American Pop Art scene. With its heavy emphasis on America`s consumer culture, Lichtenstein`s style lends itself easily to the poster genre. This volume opens with his earliest poster, designed for his first exhibition at the Leo Castelli gallery in 1962, and closes with his last, which he completed in the year of his death. An additional section features reproductions from the Claus van der Osten collection and includes posters and flyers that were produced all over the world using Lichtenstein`s iconic motifs. The works reflect Lichtenstein`s prolific imagination and ability to adapt his vision to the promotion of music and film festivals, theatrical performances, museums, restaurants, public service messages, as well as his own exhibitions. An essay by Jürgen Döring, curator of the exhibit for which this volume was created, expounds upon
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