London Street Art 2

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London Street Art 2 (MacNaughton Alex):

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MacNaughton Alex, Prestel, 96 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2008


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Photojournalist Alex MacNaughton continues to traverse London`s streets looking for the best graffiti. His first collection of photographs was eagerly snatched up by graffiti enthusiasts. Now featuring 150 new images, his latest book is full of color and life. Political, funny, angry, or just plain weird in stencil or spray paint, the images here present a London simmering with artistic passion. The book opens with a map of MacNaughton`s travels in London, detailing his quest for the perfect piece of street art. Following are page after page of riotous color photographs, bearing witness to the skill and talent possessed by the artists who practice it. This great looking, affordable volume provides a lasting record of this most fleeting of art forms.
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