Motion by Design

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Motion by Design (Spencer Drate):

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Spencer Drate, Laurence King, 160 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2007


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The advent of new software and the blurring of disciplinary boundaries have given rise to an entirely new creative category - motion graphics. Motion By Design is the first combined book and interactive DVD package to present the works of some of the world/´/s leading motion graphic studios. The book showcases new work by over 30 international studios, grouped according to genre: Opening Credits, Commercial/Installation and Web, each introduced by a leading motion graphic designer: Garson Yu, Why Not Associates and Hillman Curtis. A main introduction provides a history of motion graphics and a glossary explains the key terms. The accompanying DVD contains not only full samples and reels of almost all of the featured work, but also an interactive historical timeline tracing the development of motion graphic styles. Most importantly, these impressive works will be presented in their element - in motion.
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