New Horizons 2 Class Audio CDs

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New Horizons 2 Class Audio CDs (Radley Paul, Simons Daniela):

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Radley Paul, Simons Daniela, Oxford University Press, 0 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2011


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New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable goals and builds confidence.

New Horizons includes 100% new content and updated exam training to prepare students for the B1 school-leaving exam.

A wide range of topics engage teenagers’ interest and provide essential vocabulary. Practical grammar exercises then build students’ confidence in communication.

Key futures

•Brand-new features, fun activities and 100% rewritten texts and exercises
•Clear structure and a moderate pace to suit classes with lower weekly contact hours, or mixed-ability classes
•Dual entry points at levels 1 and 2 mean that students can work towards the B1 exam at their own pace
•Updated and systematic exam training in levels 3 and 4 prepare students for the different requirements of their school-leaving exams
•Language review at the end of every two units recycles and revises language as the course progresses
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