Praha - anglicky /Príroda

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Praha - anglicky /Príroda (Lacika Ján):

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Lacika Ján, Príroda, 64 stran, jazyk - CZ, 2006


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Anyone who has ever visited Prague talks and writes about how beautiful the city is, often describing it as Dne of the loveliest places in the w'orld. Check out whether they're right. This book can be your reliable tourist guide around Prague, introducing vou to many cultural and historical sights and places where something particularly interesting took place, or where famous people used to live. It even reveals some less-known but thrilling places in the city. Lest you get lost out there, some neatlyarranged maps are included in this guide to help you. The book also contains practical information for you when you are strolling around Prague, often called "the mother of all cities". The tourist guide has been released in Czech, English and German versions.
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