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Smokescreen (Francis Dick):

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Francis Dick, Vintage, 264 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2013


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A horse story - in occasional stretches, a mystery - certainly, but primarily a supersized action-suspense novel featuring several backgrounds and situations and you can get them all together via Edward Lincoln, family man and nephew of the courageously dying Nerissa, film star - muy hombre, and patron of the track. Nerissa sends him to South Africa to see why her string of horses are running very badly - they`re to be the bequest to another nephew, a golden boy in charm as well as potential fact. In a studio, in a gold mine, and finally in Kruger Park where he`s trapped in a car alone for 80 hours, Lincoln is obviously to be killed. . . . This should win eased up - it`s the most of the very best. (Kirkus Reviews)
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