The Bourne Ultimatum

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The Bourne Ultimatum (Ludlum Robert):

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Ludlum Robert, Orion Publishing Co, 720 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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It all starts with a cat-and-mouse chase to the death in a Baltimore funfair: the Jackal, Bourne`s age-old antagonist, is back and Bourne is forced from his idyllic retirement with his wife and children to confront his enemy. In Europe, Russia and America there are men and women whose lust for power is disguised by their positions and respectability. Their aim: to gain control at the highest level, to avenge, to destroy. Jason Bourne has been the assassin before: now he longs for peace with his family, but the threat of the Jackal puts in jeopardy all possibility of peace ...
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