The Cassandra Compact

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The Cassandra Compact (Ludlum Robert):

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Ludlum Robert, Orion Publishing Co, 396 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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What they`re going to do, I would never have believed it. It`s insanity! They were the last words spoken by Yuri Danko, an officer in the medical division of Russia`s security service, before his body was ripped apart by a spray of assassin`s bullets. Now Covert-One`s Jon Smith has Danko`s classified papers, and he`s unearthed a terrifying global conspiracy. A Serb terrorist has been despatched from Russia to smuggle hazardous vials of a deadly bacteria into the United States. His mission: to deliver them to an unknown US government agent. Then both men are murdered, and the deadly bacteria is stolen... It`s up to Lt Col Smith to find the madman who possesses it, before he holds a defenceless world hostage with the power to render the human race extinct. 
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