The Holocaust Muzeum v knize_AJ verze

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The Holocaust Muzeum v knize_AJ verze (Emmert František):

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Emmert František, CPress, 0 stran, jazyk - čeština, 2007


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The mass murder of six million European Jews in Nazi extermination camps – for which the term Holocaust (Hellenic: “a completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering) was adopted in the 1970s – remains a completely unique historical event. It cannot be compared to any other political crime of the past – even to the bloody genocide of Armenians after the First World War or to the crimes of Stalin in the Soviet Union and of Pol Pot in Cambodia. Motivated purely by racial hatred, the Nazis decided to murder all European Jews, including infants, without exception. No Jew would be allowed to survive. None of the victims could avert their fate – they were to be murdered because of their “race,” rather than their religious or political affiliation. All complete and half-Jews, whether Orthodox, non-denominational or baptized, were destined for extermination. The Nazis gave this mass murder the form of an “industrial process.” In 1941, they established factories of death in which automated killings proceeded according to a pre-approved schedule. Every day, special transport trains were dispatched from the whole of Nazi-controlled Europe – Germany, occupied countries and satellite states – to gas chambers in the territory of occupied Poland. This extensive atrocity was organized to the last detail by the state apparatus of Nazi Germany. Officials of the RSHA, or Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Reich Security Main Office), attendant transport guards, SS guards, camp commandants and the executioners themselves saw their involvement in the mass murder as “work that had to be done” and as a “secret they would take to the grave.” This heinous crime was supposed to remain forever concealed from Germany and the world…
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