The In-House Design Handbook

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The In-House Design Handbook (Fishel Cathy):

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Fishel Cathy, RotoVision, 208 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2008


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The only book to deal with all of the issues related to being an in-house designer The In-House Design Handbook is a unique practical and inspirational compendium that places in-house design-where as many as 50 percent of designers work, across a variety of different industries and market sectors—at the centre of professional excellence. The In-House Design Handbook will inspire and inform with practical advice, both experienced in-house designers within every type of company and organisation, and those who do not have advanced design qualifications (and who learn on the job) but who are nevertheless responsible for the ways in which their companies present a design face to the world. The book will address the daily working environment of the in-house designer, exploring project and resource management, creative strategies, communication and presentation skills, and how to raise the perceived value of design within an organisation. Alongside the practical and inspirational content will be case studies and comments from successful in-house teams, plus hints, techniques, and strategies for being creative on a budget, selling ideas internally, and clinching funding from purse-string holders.
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