The Magical City (Colouring Book)

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The Magical City (Colouring Book) (Cullenová Lizzie Mary):

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Cullen Lizzie Mary, Penguin Books, 96 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2015


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The Magical City is a brand new colouring book by award-winning illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen, exploring the hidden magic of cities. Open your mind to the hidden wonder of urban landscapes across the world with this beautifully intricate colouring book. From London to Luxor, follow cobbled pavements through winding streets, look up at skyscrapers soaring to the skies, and gaze over rooftops and dreaming spires. And as you colour and doodle your way through these illustrations, you'll find hidden details emerge not only on the page but also in the world around you. For fans of Johanna Basford's The Secret Garden and Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom, this is a stunning new colouring book for adults and children alike.
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