The Spring of Kaspar Meier

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The Spring of Kaspar Meier (Fergusson Ben):

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Fergusson Ben, Abacus, 400 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2015


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Perfect for fans of Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada and The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Simon Mawer - tightly plotted, emotionally gripping and a brilliant sense of place and period.

Berlin, 1946. Everything is in short supply. Including the truth.
The war is over, but Berlin is a desolate sea of rubble. There is a shortage of everything: food, clothing, tobacco. The local population is scrabbling to get by. Kasper Meier is one of these Germans, and his solution is to trade on the black market to feed himself and his elderly father. He can find anything that people need, for the right price. Even other people.
When a young woman, Eva, arrives at Kasper`s door seeking the whereabouts of a British pilot, he feels a reluctant sympathy for her but won`t interfere in military affairs. But Eva is prepared for this. Kasper has secrets, she knows them, and she`ll use them to get what she wants. As the threats against him mount, Kasper is drawn into a world of intrigue he could never have anticipated. Why is Eva so insistent that he find the pilot? Who is the shadowy Frau Beckmann and what is her hold over Eva? Under constant surveillance, Kasper navigates the dangerous streets and secrets of a city still reeling from the horrors of war and defeat. As a net of deceit, lies and betrayal falls around him, Kasper begins to understand that the seemingly random killings of members of the occupying forces are connected to his own situation. He must work out who is behind Eva`s demands, and why - while at the same time trying to save himself, his father and Eva.
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