The Torment Of Others

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The Torment Of Others (McDermid Val):

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McDermidová Val, HarperCollins, 466 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2010


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Stunning psychological thriller featuring Tony Hill, hero of The Wire in the Blood, from one of Britain`s bestselling novelists.
For some, there is nothing so sweet, so thrilling, as the torment of others!
A dead girl lies on a blood-soaked mattress, her limbs spread in a parody of ecstasy. The scene matches a series of murders which ended when irrefutable forensic evidence secured the conviction of one Derek Tyler. But Tyler`s been locked up in a mental institution for two years, barely speaking a word - except to say that `the Voice` told him to do it.
Top criminal psychologist Dr Tony Hill is prepared to think the unthinkable - this is not a copycat murder but something much stranger. While DCI Carol Jordan and her team mount a desperate and dangerous undercover police operation to trap the murderer, Hill heads towards a terrifying face-off with one of the most perverse killers he has ever encountered!
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