This is Prague

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This is Prague (Černá Olga, Kukovičová Michaela): To je Praha

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Černá Olga, Baobab, 64 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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Is Prague still beautiful, amazing and fascinating? Or has it been trampled under the feet of millions of tourists, who hurry over its paving-stones from Prague Castle, across the Charles Bridge, to the Old Town Square and back again? Prague is a city of towers, hills, gardens, lanes, houses, pubs, secrets, stories, memories, people, animals and statues… Have a look at it in a new way. Stroll through its streets with Michaela Kukovičová and Olga Černá. They’ll show you bridges, islands, observatories and parks. You’ll see the centre. You’ll see the suburbs. You’ll find out how many bridges span the Vltava, in which house the devil smashed the ceiling and what can you see from Žižkov Tower. (They’ll also tell you where to buy the best sandwiches.) Read the tale of the boy who turned into a beetle, the legend of the Golem, or the heroic story of Sir Winton, as well as the assassination of Heydrich and how one particular Czech president scooted about the Castle. There’s always something to gaze at and be amazed by… because in Prague everything is possible.
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