American Perspectives: Readings on Contemporary U.S. Culture

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American Perspectives,by Susan Earle-Carlin and Colleen Hildebrand, helps high-intermediate and advanced students develop skills in reading comprehension and critical thinking. Each theme-based unit offers multiple views of contemporary U.S. culture. Authentic readings from books, newspapers, magazines, and websites stimulate cross-cultural discussion and writing. Features: *Introductory readings and preview activities tap students' previous knowledge and assumptions about U.S. culture. *Reading skills and vocabulary expansion activities help students understand and express their ideas about the texts. *Collaborative activities encourage students to interact with the readings and develop critical thinking skills. *Short written responses, essays, research papers, as well as editing practice, help students perfect their writing skills as they reflect on their own values and experiences. * Topics include the changing American family, the pursuit of happiness, health and fitness, and the importance of sports in our lives.