A Good Girl Comes Undone

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A Good Girl Comes Undone (Williams Polly):

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Williams Polly, Sphere, 360 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2011


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She`s on a roll. A glamorous job at a glossy magazine. A home of her own. A cute live-in boyfriend. Annie Rafferty has worked damn hard for all of it. If demands are made, she delivers. If people need her, she`s there. And if she suspects something is missing? Well, she ignores it.
But cracks start to appear. Her boyfriend quits his job and leaves Annie paying the bills. Work descends into a handbags-at-dawn struggle for survival, and there`s a new exec in the office - rude, unreconstructed, but strangely attractive - questioning exactly what she`s trying to prove.
As Annie discovers her true desires, her meticulously planned life begins to unravel and darker, unexpected forces pull things in a shocking new direction...
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