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Appointment (Calle Sophie): with Sigmund Freud

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Calle Sophie, Thames and Hudson, 156 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2008


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In February 1998, I was invited to create an exhibition entitled Appointment at a house at 20 Maresfield Gardens, London, where Dr Freud lived and died. After having a vision of my wedding dress laid across Freud`s couch, I immediately accepted. I chose to display relics of my own life amongst the interior of Sigmund`s home` – Sophie Calle. A unique and beautifully produced assembly of Calle`s own texts and personal objects juxtaposed with objects from Sigmund Freud`s personal collection, still kept in his Hampstead house, Appointment features fragments from the artist`s own fascinating life story, characteristic texts that reveal intimate secrets and unravel some of Calle`s childhood memories as well as her adult relationships. Calle`s references to certain mementoes and the emotionally charged events with which they are associated have many parallels to Freud`s own psychoanalytic theories and his passion for collecting.
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