Beyond Bawa

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Beyond Bawa (Robson David):

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Robson David, Thames & Hudson, 264 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2007


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Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa´s forty-year career has become legendary. Beyond Bawa considers his continuing influence through the work of contemporary architects working in the region. Bawa achieved the harmonious and pleasurable fusion of local building traditions with modern forms. Throughout south Asia his legacy lives on in contemporary architectural practice and remains an important source of inspiration for generations of architects. Bawa was the principal force behind what is today known globally as ‘tropical modernism’, and examples of his ideas can be found in Sri Lanka, Singapore and Bali but also in resorts and residences throughout wider Asia. An overview of Bawa and his contribution to contemporary architecture is followed by presentations of twenty-four contemporary architects, ranging from well-known practitioners such as Australian Kerry Hill to local talents such as Anjalendran. They reveal the long-lasting significance of Bawa’s uniquely sensitive approach to building and the landscape. This is the ideal companion to Geoffrey Bawa: The Complete Works and is an excellent introduction to current architectural practice in south Asia.David Robson is the authority on Geoffrey Bawa and delivered Bawa’s eulogy at the Aga Khan Award Ceremony. He worked as an adviser on housing and settlement planning to the government of Sri Lanka between 1979 and 1983 and was involved in its acclaimed ‘Hundred Thousand Houses’ programme. Richard Powers is an internationally recognized photographer of architecture, interiors, lifestyle and gardens. He lives in Sydney.
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