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Blaze (King Stephen):

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King Stephen, Hodder and Stoughton, 352 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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Clayton Blaze Blazedell Jr.`s chance for a normal life ended when his father repeatedly threw him down a flight of stairs. After finishing his adolescence in an orphanage, the large man with a striking dent in his forehead plays sidekick to George, a social deviant with a knack for cons. However, when George is killed, Blaze must come up with a con of his own. With George`s ghost to guide him, Blaze just might pull it off. Stephen King`s last novel under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman has all the classic markings of the author, but is marred even before it starts by King`s introduction, where he almost apologizes for publishing the book. Having narrated several King books already, McLarty already knows the author`s syntax. His raspy but gentle narration provides a familiar and comforting voice for King fans. His rasp lightens up when delivering the slow-witted Blaze, but then deepens for George`s scratchy voice. His old-timer Maine accents also produce a smile, when not evoking mental images of grizzled old semitoothed men.

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