Bridges that Changed the World

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Bridges that Changed the World (Graf Bernhard):

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Graf Bernhard, Prestel, 128 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2008


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This new flexi edition of an architectural and historical journey across the world`s greatest bridges explains why these structures continue to fascinate us as examples of engineering genius and artistic vision. Whether they span rivers or harbors, cultures or countries, bridges have long been a symbol of man`s ingenuity and perseverance. Starting with ancient bridges built by the Mongol and Roman Empires through today`s most striking examples of bridges, this book examines the world`s most important bridges and the history, legends, and people behind them. Stunning, two-page spreads filled with photographs, plans, drawings, and informative texts deepen readers` appreciation of the science and technology of bridge-building. The book also introduces historic events in which bridges have played a central role, profiles the figures who commissioned and built the bridges, and offers surprising reexaminations of some of the world`s most familiar bridges. From the glory of the Golden Gate Bridge through the imposing presence of London`s Tower Bridge to the grandeur of the Millau Viaduct in France, Bridges That Changed the World is a celebration of our steadfast desire to connect with and discover the world around us.
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