Call of The Wild , White Fang

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Call of The Wild , White Fang (London Jack):

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London Jack, , 320 stran, jazyk - albánština, 2015


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The Call Of The Wild is the story of Buck, a dog stolen from his home and thrust into the merciless life of the Arctic north to endure hardship, bitter cold, and the savage lawlessness of man and beast. White Fang is the adventure of an animal — part dog, part wolf -turned vicious by cruel abuse, then transformed by the patience and affection of one man. Jack London’s superb ability as a storyteller and his uncanny understanding of animal and human natures give these tales a striking vitality and power, and have earned him a reputation as a distinguished American writer. Jack London (1876-1916), by turns a renegade adventurer, a war correspondent, and an avowed socialist, first achieved fame with The Son of the Wolf (1900), a collection of short stories drawn from his experiences in the Klondike gold rush.
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