Designing Sustainable Packaging

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Designing Sustainable Packaging (Boylston Scott):

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Boylston Scott, Laurence King, 192 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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Designing Sustainable Packaging challenges the next generation of designers to re-envision packaging design in a more environmentally responsible way, and examines an array of techniques and methodologies for creating innovative and sustainable packaging designs, from first concept to final production. The book is organized into two distinct sections embracing first the theory, and then the practice of eco-friendly packaging design. In the first part of the book, after introducing the student to the background of packaging design and its purpose, the author focuses on issues of sustainability. Through a series of case studies and interviews he looks at some of the companies that are leading the way in sustainable packaging. The second part of the book provides practical information on creating eco-friendly packaging and follows various projects through, step by step.
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