Eye Of The Needle

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Eye Of The Needle (Follett Ken):

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Follett Ken, Pan Books, 463 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2013


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His weapon is the stiletto, his codename: The Needle. He is Hitler`s prize undercover agent - a cold and professional killer. It is 1944 and weeks before D-Day. The Allies are disguising their invasion plans with a phoney armada of ships and planes. Their plan would be ruined if an enemy agent found out...and then The Needle does just that. Hunted by MI5, he leads a murderous trail across Britain to a waiting U-Boat. But he hasn`t planned for a storm-battered island, and the remarkable young woman who lives there. Eye of the Needle, an international bestseller, is a heart-racingly exciting tale about the fate of the war resting in the hands of a master spy, his opponent and a brave woman.
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