Family and Friends 6 Workbook

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Family and Friends 6 Workbook (Simmons N.):

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Simmons N., Oxford University Press, 120 stran, jazyk - čeština, 2016


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An exceptionally strong skills training programme which covers language skills, phonics, and civic education skills.

This six-level course offers a fast-paced syllabus and a wide range of optional resources to support a high number of teaching hours per week. The series starts with an optional pre-school course, First Friends , before children move on to Family and Friends.

Key features
One third of each unit is dedicated to skills training. The step-by-step approach focuses on writing and early literacy skills to build children's confidence in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English.
One in six lessons is a phonics lesson to train children to recognize and produce English sounds. At levels 1-3 the lessons are supported by flashcards, and by more activities on the Student MultiROM.
The civic education syllabus educates children in good values and behaviour. The Photocopy Masters Books at levels 1-2 include 15 values worksheets.
The Testing and Evaluation Book and the test builder element of the Teacher's Resource CD-ROM help teachers to evaluate children's progress.
One lesson per page with clear lesson objectives makes the course easy to teach.
Accompanying resources, including the Grammar Friends series, skills series, Teacher's Resource Pack, course readers, and Teacher Resource CD-ROM allow teachers to focus on additional skills training and means the course can fit different teaching programmes per week.
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