Freddie Mercury’s Royal Recipes

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Freddie Mercury’s Royal Recipes (Freestone Peter):

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Freestone Peter, Fénix Film, 232 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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Freddie Mercury of the celebrated band Queen was a flamboyant individual who loved great variety in his food as well as in music and fashion. Freddie really wasn't very extravagant.
Not many people know, however, what Freddie Mercury actually liked to eat and drink, or what his favourite meal was.
Freddie Mercury’s international fame means that up to this very day his fans worldwide seek out every scrap of unpublished information about their idol. Freddie Mercury’s Royal Recipes is the only book on this theme written so far. It will delight not only Mercury fans but lovers of gastronomy too. It is a unique work filled with everything Freddie loved to eat, as well as authentic photographs and lots of interesting stories about Freddie, on and off stage.
Even though Freddie enjoyed the choicest delicacies of international cuisine, he didn’t turn his nose up at simply prepared, modest dishes. And who better to reveal the inner secrets of the kitchen than one of his closest friends - his personal assistant Peter Freestone?
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