Highly Recommended 1 Workbook

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Highly Recommended 1 Workbook (Stott Trish):

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Stott Trish, Oxford University Press, 64 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate.

For younger trainees in the hospitality and catering industry.

This new edition has been completely revised to take account of innovations and changing practices within the sector.

Who is it for?
Young trainees in the hospitality and catering industry who need English to deal with customers.

Key features
Topics reflect the real contexts trainees will encounter in their working lives.
Emphasis on understanding and speaking English in practical situations.
Two listening sections with accompanying tasks in every unit.
Clear focus on key functional expressions and topic-related vocabulary.
Activity section in each unit involving real-world communicative tasks.
New review sections to check progress.
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