Managerial Integrity

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Managerial Integrity (Hroník František):

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Hroník František, Motiv Press, 152 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2014


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Do you have managers from abroad working at your company? Then look no further for the ideal gift for them. A book full of stories and inspiration, the only one of its kind, a book that will help them throughout their lives, a book they will keep coming back to. A famous management guru and author of 11 books for professionals presents his latest magnificent publication, “Managerial Integrity”. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to read this book about conscience, trust, values and morals in managerial work. The book is full of interesting tips, recommendations and real-life examples that will help you deal with delicate problems and dilemmas, as well as help you work with your conscience and not come into conflict with your personality. Find out why managers now demand that their staff have a heart as well as a head.

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