Mastering Knowledge

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Mastering Knowledge (Šubrt Tomáš, Zuzák Roman):

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Šubrt Tomáš, Zuzák Roman, ALFA, 319 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2014


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- impact of organizational structures on tacit knowledge transfer - interoperability of knowledge in enterprise cooperation, namely in case of semantic heterogeneity - practical use of mind and cognitive maps illustrated with several real cases - using the SECI spiral in the OR/MS modelling process and in project management The book brings readers a comprehensive look at the whole field of knowledge management including the interpretation of its basic concepts, methods and tools. After reading the book, the reader will be aware of the basic problems of knowledge management that can be encountered, and the best way to solve them. Zdenek Molnar, professor, The University of Economics, Pratur Mastering the ability to turn information into knowledge and to gain wisdom is critical for continued personal growth and the enjoyment of life. The autors unfold another section of the map that will help us navigate the road from an “information society” through to a “knowledge society” and towards a world where wisdom pervades. Alan Harries, London Metropolitan University
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