Peter Pan

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Peter Pan (Barrie James M.):

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Barrie James M., INFOA, 32 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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‘Once upon a time, a long time ago, in London there was a happy family in a happy house. Happy parents, happy children, and a happy dog.’ Tags Friendship Adventure In this Reader you will find: - Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story - A picture dictionary Never leave your windows open at night. Anything can get in. The story of a boy who never grew up, with his friends Wendy and the jealous fairy Tinker Bell. Why are there no Lost Girls in Neverland? What did the crocodile want to eat? Find out in this new edition of the classic story, Peter Pan. Syllabus Topics Family, gender and gender role Notions and concepts Feelings, likes and dislikes, ability, actions and activities, narration Grammar and structures Verbs: Common regular and irregular verbs in the simple past, all forms Common regular and irregular verbs in the present, all forms There is / are / was / were, all forms + simple determiners Modal verbs: can and could for ability Adverbs of manner and frequency Adjectives Prepositions Connectives: and, but, so Comparatives and superlatives Nouns Pronouns: subject, object and possessive Determiners: a, an, the, some, any, lots of
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