Prague Superguide Edition No. 1

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Prague Superguide Edition No. 1 (Valeš Miroslav, kol.):

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Valeš Miroslav, Valeš Miroslav, 144 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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First Authentic Genuine No-Bullshit Guide Book To Prague Curated By Locals.

Find all essential information in this 140+ pages book and feel like local, rather than a tourist.

The guide includes tips on the most interesting districts, art scene, genuine local design, shopping and souvenirs, the best restaurants, cafés and bistros, clubbing options, as well as exercise tips, the best running routes and places to get pampered.

Each listing comes with address and contacts as well as transport information which should help you to get there smooth and fast. Also, each section contains a comprehensive map so you can easily figure out how close / far your choosen favourite is and what is the easiest way to get there.

The compact size book (18cm x 12cm) was completed, written designed and illustrated for you in downtown Prague.
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