Prague Towers (anglicky)

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Prague Towers (anglicky) (Jiránek Aleš, Jůzlová Jana):

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Jiránek Aleš, Jůzlová Jana, Knižní klub, 128 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2013


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Prague, a bouquet of stone Towers, has been since a thousand years the most important city in the Czech lands. The architecture of this city vibrantly reminds us of its glorious past. A look at this silhouette of towers ending in a golden bulb will entice and delight us.
The first part of the book takes us along the thousand and one step path and a magical pursuit of the dragon lady who is following the sun path.
In the second part we will be taken on a virtual walk above the town where we will see all the dominant features of the town.
This walk will take us from Strahov to Hradčany, then to the castle, to Malá Strana , the old town, Josefov, the new town and finally ending at the legendary Vyšehrad.
In the last part of the book we discover the smaller less visible, but picturesque buildings and architecture, with small towers and laterns and also the four unique water towers.

Nahlédnout do Prague Towers (anglicky) Nahlédnout do Prague Towers (anglicky)

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