Project the Third Edition 1 Učebnice

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Project the Third Edition 1 Učebnice (Hutchinson Tom): ucebnice anglictiny

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Hutchinson Tom, Oxford, 80 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2011


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Tried, tested, trusted ... and now even better!

Teachers all over the world trust Project. This brand-new edition has been improved and updated in direct response to feedback from teachers. The tried and tested methodology, together with the wide range of material presenting real language in real contexts, will inspire a new generation of English learners from the ages of 9-10 years.

Key features

New, clear vocabulary sections added to the grammar-based syllabus and integrated skills work.
Texts, topics and activities such as cartoons, traditional songs and stories and project work will all appeal to students.
'English across the curriculum' pages provide students with the language they need to discuss school subjects in English.
Culture sections within each unit enable students to explore differences and draw comparisons with their own cultural backgrounds.
Brand-new Culture DVD offers a wealth of visual material showing aspects of life in Britain and other English-speaking countries.
New Workbook Pack supports learner independence: the CD-ROM includes interactive exercises and selected material from the Culture DVD, and the Workbook itself contains graded exercises, progress checks, and clear 'can-do' statements after every unit, reflecting the Common European Framework.
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