Tale of a Lost Landscape

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Tale of a Lost Landscape (Bahbouh Radvan):

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Bahbouh Radvan, Dar Ibn Rushd, 112 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2014


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Why do we use just a small part of our abilities and capacities? How can we manage the laws governing the fluctuations in our energy, performance and satisfaction? Such are questions concerning the psychology of self-coaching as introduced in this book through its most significant findings and relevant follow-up exercises. The way to reach our potential and greater satisfaction is also illustrated by a fairy-tale, where we can once again discover those findings, as well as our selves.

Medailonek autora:
Educated as a mathematician, psychologist, art therapist and medical doctor, Radvan Bahbouh is an associate professor at Department of Psychology, Charles University in Prague, where he has been teaching Psychology Methodology, Psychometrics and Theory of Psychodiagnostics since 1995. Twenty years ago he developed the method of Sociomapping, and ever since has professionally occupied himself with support and coaching of teams and individuals in the Czech Republic and abroad. The QED GROUP company, which he founded, is a highly respected international provider of comprehensive psychological services for individual and corporate clients.
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