The Bourne Identity

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The Bourne Identity (Ludlum Robert):

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Ludlum Robert, Orion Publishing Co, 566 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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He was dragged from the sea, his body riddled with bullets. There are a few clues: a frame of microfilm surgically implanted beneath the skin of his hip evidence that plastic surgery has altered his face strange things he says in his delirium, which could be code words. And a number on the film negative that leads to a bank account in Zurich, four million dollars, and a name for the amnesiac: Jason Bourne. Now he is running for his life. A man with an unknown past and an uncertain future, the target of assassins and at the heart of a deadly puzzle. He`s fighting for survival and no one can help him - except the one woman who once wanted to escape him . . . Mr. Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combines.—The New York Times

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