The Collector

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The Collector (Robertsová Nora):

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Robertsová Nora, , 496 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2015


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The UK Top Ten bestseller - a gripping novel of murder, drama . . . and love. From the legendary Nora Roberts A thrilling novel of crime and passion from Nora Roberts - the world's greatest storyteller Lila Emerson is fascinated by other people's lives. As a house-sitter, she loves looking after the glamorous homes she could never afford herself. And as a writer, she enjoys dreaming up stories for the people she sees from her window. But then one day she witnesses something only too real - the shocking murder of a young woman living across the street in New York. Now Lila is in mortal danger from an audacious, single-minded assassin who kills for profit and for pleasure. With the police following a false lead, Lila's only hope is to team up with Ashton Archer, an artist with his own complicated reasons for getting involved. Lila wants to trust the passionate, quick-witted Ash - but is she letting her feelings blind her to his motives? Either way, she will never watch from the sidelines again...
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