The Doorstep Child

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The Doorstep Child (Murray Annie):

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Murray Annie, Pan Macmillan, 522 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2017


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A tale of hardship and survival, The Doorstep Child is a heart-rending story from bestselling author Annie Murray. From a tender age little Evie struggled . . . Evie spent her early years left outside on the step. With a drunk for a father and a neglectful mother, all little Evie has ever craved is a safe home and a normal existence. Her young eyes had seen so much but this never tainted her spirit. If it wasn't for her best friend Gary, and friendly dog called Whisky - Evie might never have made it to the sixteenth birthday. At sixteen she meets Ken, a sweet brown-eyed boy, not much older than she is. Perhaps her fortunes have changed? But no sooner does she give over her heart, she is betrayed, not for the first time in her young life... Will Evie ever find the love and warmth she's always craved?
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