The Fire Witness

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The Fire Witness (Kepler Lars):

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Kepler Lars, Harper Collins, 600 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2014


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One girl is dead Detective Inspector Joona Linna has been called to a home for troubled girls, north of Stockholm. A young girl has been brutally murdered, her body arranged in bed with her hands covering her eyes. One girl is missing Vicky Bennet is the only girl unaccounted for. Did she run away to escape the chaos or does a bloody hammer found under her pillow make her the prime suspect? One girl claims to have witnessed it all In Stockholm, Flora Hansen works as a medium, pretending to commune with the dead. When she begins to suffer crippling visions of the young girl`s murder, will anyone believe her? As Joona refuses to accept the easy answers, his search leads him into darker, more violent territory, and, finally, to a shocking confrontation with his past.
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