The Gallery of Arthur´s Adventures

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The Gallery of Arthur´s Adventures (Konárková Marcela):

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Konárková Marcela, Meander, 20 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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The book is published in co-edition with The National Gallery in Prague. It is based on the pop-up technique of moving illustrations, which bring the story onto a next level as it becomes ''alive''. Therefore, the reader's enjoyment is twofold: it is a good read and it is fun. The folding picture book tells a story of a boy named Arthur (well, he will seem familiar!), painted in a picture of an unknown artist. Arthur, however, is dead bored in his picture so he decides to escape and seek happiness somewhere else. He befriends other people from the paintings hanging in the 20th century section of the gallery. Thanks to them Arthur meets Cleopatra by Jan Zrzavý, takes a walk across the cosmic scenery of František Kupka and goes for a ride in a hot air balloon from Kamil Lhoták's painting...
In this adventurous story children explore significant paintings of Czech painters and the movements the artists represent, which sparks children's curiosity and further interest in art. The book is provided with a small suitcase, a symbol of Arthur's travels. It serves as a case for the book as well as for My Gallery, the reader's own folding picture book which he/she can creatively complete. Therefore, it is a form of the child's own gallery which represents his/her playful work with the paintings seen in the house of art. With the magic of children's imagination the paintings are brought to life again.
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