The Information Design Handbook

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The Information Design Handbook (O`Grady Jenn Vysocky):

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O`Grady Jenn Vysocky, RotoVision, 224 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2008


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Practical insight into the organization and display of information. The Information Design Handbook is crammed with case studies, boxouts, trouble-shooting tips, colour wheels, typographical dos and don`ts, and essential design principles to explain all of the keys to creating information graphics — whether those designs are up close and intended to guide the user around a publication or document, help them plan their lives, or be viewed from afar to guide someone around a physical environment. Importantly, this comprehensive desktop reference will also look at how to integrate different types of information design into an overall information design scheme for organizations within the public sector, retail, transport, and so on. The best information design often goes “unnoticed” by the viewer because it conveys information so effectively. This book celebrates graphics that are exemplars of communication and aesthetics, and reveals and explodes the thought processes and design skills behind them.
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