The Jungle Book

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The Jungle Book (Kipling Rudyard):

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Kipling Rudyard, INFOA, 32 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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‘I can call him Mowgli’, she said to her husband. Mowgli is Little Frog in the language of the jungle. Tags Friendship Family Animals In this Reader you will find: - Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story - A picture dictionary This is the real story of the Jungle Book. It is not a funny film for children. People and animals die. And one child kills the great tiger and changes the laws of the jungle. Syllabus Topics Animals, adventure, family Notions and concepts Ability, actions and activities, life and death, narration Grammar and structures Verbs: Simple present for narrative (common verbs- all forms) Simple past for narrative (common verbs - all forms) Modal verbs can and could for ability; must for necessity / obligation Adjectives and adverbs: Positive, comparative and superlative adjectives adverbs of time and manner Connectives: and but so because Determiners: a an that the this Nouns Pronouns: Subject object and possessive
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