The Transformation of Consciousness

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The Transformation of Consciousness (Keltner Tomáš): The Mystery of the Cross

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Keltner Tomáš, Tomáš Keltner, 288 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2010


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Do you think that emotions are a natural part of our life? Not really. Emotion is the body` allergic reaction to mind and an instrument for controlling humans.

- Proven techniques for liberating yourself from the influence of emotions and of those who use them against you. - Description of how to perceive present creatures that control human beings through fear and emotions. - Practical insights on communication between parents and children. How this relationship infuences our entire life. - A guide for becoming free and creating your own reality.

This book offers a completely new method of liberating yourself from the control of present creatures which act in this world. The book does not only state facts but gives practical guidance of how to get back the freedom missed (lost) by many people. The book describes how emotions affect your life. It shows that you are controlled via emotions. It deals with sex and its secret connections. It clarifies the fundamental relationship between parents and children and their way of communication. Essential mistakes made by parents in their communication with children which influence their (your) self-consciousness. The book illuminates the ability to create your reality without any restraint. It deals with emotions in detail, with presence and ways of how to observe and understand the part of reality which, although hidden from our sensory perception, yet directly influences the lives of people. Freedom is the basic presumption for survival. External freedom is not possible without internal freedom.

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