The View from the Cheap Seats

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The View from the Cheap Seats (Gaiman Neil):

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Gaiman Neil, Headline, 532 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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A collection of speeches, articles, essays and introductions from Sunday Times bestselling author, commentator and craftsman Neil Gaiman.
The View from the Cheap Seats draws together myriad non-fiction writing by international phenomenon and Sunday Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman. From Make Good Art, the speech that went viral, to pieces on artists and legends including Terry Pratchett and Lou Reed, the collection offers a glimpse into the head and heart of one of the most acclaimed writers of our time.
'Literature does not occur in a vacuum. It cannot be a monologue. It has to be a conversation'
Welcome to the conversation. Neil Gaiman fled the land of journalism to find truths through storytelling and sanctuary in not needing to get all the facts right. Of course, the real world continued to make up its own stories around him, and he has responded over the years with a wealth of ideas and introductions, dreams and speeches. Here 'we can meet the writer full on' (Stephen Fry) as he opens our minds to the people he admires and the things he believes might just mean something - and makes room for us to join the conversation too.

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