To the Bright Edge of the World

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To the Bright Edge of the World (Ivey Eowyn):

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Ivey Eowyn, Headline, 480 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2016


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From the internationally bestselling author of THE SNOW CHILD comes an extraordinary story of discovery, adventure, and a husband and wife tested by the different paths their society expects them to tread.
Set in the Alaskan landscape that she brought to stunningly vivid life in THE SNOW CHILD (a Sunday Times bestseller, Richard and Judy pick and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), Eowyn Ivey's TO THE BRIGHT EDGE OF THE WORLD is a breathtaking story of discovery set at the end of the nineteenth century, sure to appeal to fans of A PLACE CALLED WINTER.
'Stunning and intriguing... the reader finishes it richer and wiser' Rosamund Lupton, author of Sister and The Quality of Silence
Lieutenant Colonel Allen Forrester receives the commission of a lifetime when he is charged to navigate Alaska's hitherto impassable Wolverine River, with only a small group of men. The Wolverine is the key to opening up Alaska and its rich natural resources to the outside world, but previous attempts have ended in tragedy.
Forrester leaves behind his young wife, Sophie, newly pregnant with the child he had never expected to have. Adventurous in spirit, Sophie does not relish the prospect of a year in a military barracks while her husband carves a path through the wilderness. What she does not anticipate is that their year apart will demand every ounce of courage and fortitude of her that it does of her husband.

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