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Useless Fact-o-pedia (Lowe Charlotte):

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Lowe Charlotte, Harper Collins, 308 stran, jazyk - angličtina, 2009


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A Startling Collection of Over 1000 Things You'll NEVER Need to Know! Did you know that cats were once used to deliver mail in Belgium? Or that the average American eats 30 pounds of cheese in a year? Improve your small talk and sharpen your conversation skills with this giant collection of ridiculously useless, but endlessly fascinating facts. Organized from A to Z, there are over 1000 trivia tidbits for you to peruse. Start off with little-known facts about absinthe and Barbie and continue until you've discovered hidden gems about zombies, zippers, and more! Did you know that Levi Strauss originally intended to sell canvas tents to miners in California but ended up using the fabric to make what the prospectors really needed - pants! Or that a chicken in Colorado had its head cut off and managed to live...for another 2 years? The Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless Fact-o-pedia is a virtual treasure trove of useless fact fixes for the insatiably curious.
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