Wednesday´s Child

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Wednesday´s Child (Robinson Peter):

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Robinson Peter, PAN, 340 stran, jazyk - čeština, 2009


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For Inspector Banks and Superintendent Gristhorpe, the abduction of a young girl brings back dreadful memories of the Moors Murders . . . When two social workers investigating reports of child abuse appear at Brenda Scupham`s door, her fear of authority leads her to comply meekly with their requests. Even when they say that they must take her seven-year-old daughter Gemma away for tests . . . It is only when they fail to return Gemma the following day that Brenda realises something has gone terribly wrong. Particularly worrying is the calculated manner of the abduction, and the fact that one of the `social workers` was a woman. For Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, Satanic ritual abuse is a dreadful possibility. Provocative, mesmerizing, and memorable, this chilling story is a must for mystery collections of every size - Booklist

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